Teaching Team

Pam Ferguson
Academic Director
Administration, Music

Music and the arts elevate children’s education and their experience of a “quality world”. Through music, children learn many lifelong lessons: cooperation, perseverance, discipline, problem-solving, self-esteem and cultural understanding. Perhaps most importantly, music allows children to experience joy through creating something beautiful; music performance provides the opportunity to share that joy with others.

It is a privilege to be part of the BBMH community and to support the students’ development through music education. As a parent of two BBMH students, I am inspired by the Montessori approach to educate the “whole child”, while nurturing each child as a unique individual. As Music Directress, I hope to help each child experience a connection to music— through choral music, band,chimes ensemble, percussion studies, recorder or general music appreciation.

Jana Luchene
Preschool Manager

I am excited to work as the preschool manager at Boundary Bay Montessori House. I began this work because I was intrigued with the research that Dr. Montessori conducted. Her philosophy resonated with me as a superb approach towards educating and nurturing the development of children.

I have been working with children for over 19 years and discovered the work of Dr. Montessori while studying for a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have worked with children in several Montessori classrooms and have been a member of the executive of the B.C. Montessori Association.

Carla Hall
Preschool Directress

I am thrilled to be teaching the Preschool and Kindergarten Children with Jana this year, and equally excited to a part of the BBMH team. After receiving my degree from the University of Manitoba in Family Studies I completed my AMI Montessori Teaching Certification in 2000 at the Montessori Training Centre of B.C. Before joining BBMH I spent eight years working at Family Montessori School in Vancouver with Preschool and Extended Day Kindergarten Children.

Christina Davey
Intermediate Directress
Intermediate Classroom

“Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive part of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future.” These words of Maria Montessori are of great inspiration to me. They motivate me both as a parent of two BBMH students and as a teacher in the Primary program.

My interest in the Montessori Method began nearly ten years ago when I attended a Parent Education Evening at BBMH. I was struck by the love of learning and sense of peace and respect I felt in that classroom and was convinced that this was where my children—and I—belonged. It has been a learning experience from that time on. I am honoured to be working as an Assistant Directress in the Primary classroom while I complete my Montessori Teacher certification.

Eileen Wilson
Intermediate Directress
Intermediate Classroom

This is my tenth year as a BBMH directress. My journey began as a parent nearly twenty years ago. When I first saw the classroom materials and observed the concrete manner in which children were learning complex concepts, I wanted my child to be involved in this experiential education. Since that time, I have come to appreciate that Montessori education is much more than the method or the materials.

In working with the children for over ten years, first as a Primary directress then as the Intermediate directress, and in having my own three children complete their schooling here, I have expanded and deepened my understanding of what it means to educate the “whole” child – the journey continues to be an inspiring and humbling experience.

Primary Directress
Primary Classroom


Melanie Independent School in Delta
Ali Wright
Fine Art Instructor
Fine Arts

In Art the students learn how to draw realistically by creating still lives of natural objects around them. They also explore self portraits, native imagery, drawings of castle models, finishing techniques, self assessment of colouring techniques, 3-dimensional contour drawing of shoes, lessons in negative and positive space with their initials.

Other elements of graphic design that are explored included positive and negative space, in-filling space with details or simple decorations, observation and drawing of building models, contour drawing of kitchen implements, drawing blocks to understand perspective, flower pot decoupage, and Christmas tree ornament design. The students thoroughly enjoy the development of their skills in self-expression.