Teaching Team

Sharee Proudfoot
Academic Director

Sharee joined the staff at BBMS as Academic Director in 2017, having had a past connection with the school as a founding parent. During the early years of establishing the school, she sat on the MIND Board and later filled the role of Intermediate Directress for 3 years. She completed preschool and elementary course work in the Montessori method through the International Association of Progressive Montessori (IAPM) and on the adolescent years through Antioch University. Sharee has a teaching degree from Simon Fraser University, Professional Teaching Certification and a Masters in Administration & Leadership and Curriculum Development from the University of British Columbia. She taught in a variety of programs and schools within the Vancouver School District for 34 years, one of which was the Montessori Secondary program. For 12 years, she carried out the role of Teacher Leader and Humanities Directress of this District mini program. Always interested in Professional Development, Sharee facilitated Collaborative Inquiry with teachers and presented opportunities for the exploration of the new BC curriculum. She is delighted to have returned to BBMS where she continues her commitment to supporting Montessori education in Delta; a program that truly respects the child and prepares them for life.

Jana Luchene
Preschool Directress and Childcare Manager

Jana joined the staff at BBMS in 2003. Jana completed her Early Childhood Education Certification and acquired her Montessori training through the Saint Nicholas Montessori Training Institute. She also has a special interest in Social Thinking and how it applies to a classroom community. Jana’s passion for Montessori education arose out of her love for independence; independence of self, independence of thinking, independence of learning. A Montessori education fosters this independence through the use of selfcorrecting materials within a prepared environment. While visiting schools during her college years, Jana noticed that the students who were immersed in a Montessori environment were in harmony with themselves and their surroundings. Supporting children to find this deep level of independent focus has been her work for over 30 years. Jana is a lover of the outdoors and animal health & nutrition. She shares this expertise with the preschool children who learn about how to care for the animals in their classroom and grow vegetables which they harvest, prepare and eat. You can find Jana riding her horse or walking with her husband and dog around the community.

Carla Hall
Preschool and Kindergarten Directress

Carla’s extensive education authenticates her interest in deepening and broadening her knowledge and remaining a life-long learner. She became interested in Montessori education while finishing her Bachelor of Human Ecology in Family Studies from the University of Manitoba, later relocating to Vancouver and further studying Montessori education at the AMI training centre. Carla received her AMI Diploma in 1999. She also holds an Early Childhood Education Certificate and a BC Independent Teacher Certificate from the Ministry of Education. Carla furthered her training in language and math acquisition in young learners at the Orton-Gillingham College in Surrey. She is a certified associate tutor with the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic tutors. Carla joined the staff at BBMS in 2008 and carries out the role of Preschool/Kindergarten Directress in the morning and working with the kindergarten age children through the afternoon. She loves to incorporate the elements of the Virtues program and Choice Theory into her daily lessons and believes that this knowledge has enriched the classroom experience for the children. Carla enjoys travel and entertaining family and friends-and most of all living with creativity.

Daphne Seagram
Preschool Classroom Support

Daphne completed a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, followed by AMI Montessori certification at the Toronto Montessori Institute. She worked as a Preschool directress in Toronto before moving to South Delta. Her first association with BBMS was to register her daughter to attend the preschool. She later offered her
skills substituting in the program and was hired as a part-time Preschool Directress. Daphne has recently obtained a Delta Teaching Assistant Certification (DTAC) and offers extra educational support to students in the Preschool program. You can also find Daphne assisting with our Out of School Program (OSC). Outside of work, Daphne’s helpful nature has lead her to be involved in a lot of volunteering when she is not gardening, cooking, reading and travelling.

Pam Ferguson
Intermediate Directress
Intermediate Classroom

In the fall of 2007 Pam joined the staff at BBMS first as Music Directress and then as Academic Director. She capably fulfilled this role for 10 years, after which she returned fulltime to the classroom as the Intermediate Directress. Pam has a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser, Professional Teaching Certificate (PDP) Montessori Elementary Training (VSB) and Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration from University of British Columbia. She learned about Montessori education through a recommendation from a friend for her youngest child in her preschool years. Quickly, she realized that her oldest child would benefit as well and became so attracted to the learning philosophy that it changed the way she interacted with her family. Pam loved the aspects of self-motivation, independence and freedom with responsibility fostered in the classroom, as well as, the Peace education curriculum and contributing to the wider community. As someone who was involved in the educational programming for the Canadian Red Cross for 17 years, these values spoke to her at a very deep level. Pam is from a musical family that loves to sing and play various instruments so it is very apparent that music is also an integral part of her life.

Donna D’Aquino
Intermediate Classroom Support
Intermediate Classroom

Donna has 35 years of experience as a special education consultant and therapeutic tutor. She is a Certified Associate of the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors. Donna has brought her expertise to BBMS for 20 years to provide academic support to children in our primary and intermediate program and help to transition new students without a Montessori background. Donna has a Bachelor of Arts from Thompson Rivers University, Orton Gillingham Training and Choice Theory (Basic & Advanced). She works with children who have been diagnosed with language developmental delays, attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), and Asperger’s/Autism spectrum. She came to appreciate how the Montessori classroom helped to support children with various learning styles, showing them how to work independently at their own pace and understand their own unique way of learning. Her approach is to help children “learn how to learn” through using their strengths to improve their weaknesses. When Donna is not supporting children with their learning she is creating art: pen & ink, mixed media, collage, watercolor & acrylic. She has been accepted into several juried shows touring western Canada, and she has offered her artwork pieces for auction to support the Grandmother’s to Grandmother’s campaign for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Melanie Gallo
Primary Directress
Primary Classroom

Melanie has been part of the staff at BBMS since 2013. Melanie attended York University in Toronto where she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree and later obtained Montessori Elementary training at the Toronto Montessori Institute. She became intrigued with Dr. Montessori’s method of education that ‘follows the child’. Melanie believes that an environment which respects and supports the different stages of each child’s social, emotional and academic milestones plays a very important role in developing happy, confident and independent children. She is inspired by the enthusiasm and determination she sees
every day in the classroom when the children accomplish their goals and develop into respectful and caring individuals.

Melanie Independent School in Delta
Natasha D’Agostino
Music Instructor
Natasha is a recent graduate of Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program in Voice. She joined BBMS in 2016 as our Music Directress of the Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary classes. Natasha views music as a wonderful means for building confidence, sharing ideas, creating, exploring, dreaming and discovery. Her love of music is as obvious as the smile on her face. Natasha is active as a Jazz musician writing and performing music in the Vancouver area.
Annie Lanteigne

Annie was born in a fishing village on the Acadian peninsula in New Brunswick. She believes that being the second youngest of sixteen children was her first experience in a Montessori environment; the multi-age grouping, older siblings teaching the younger ones, oodles of tasks to do and opportunities to learn about cooperation. Annie completed AMI Montessori and Early Childhood Education certification in Vancouver and joined the staff at BBMS originally in 2001. During the time that she has worked as a French Directress at BBMS, she also launched the Francophone preschool program, Lutins du Bois, which she operated for 11 years. Annie believes that language is acquired through multidimensional experiences and this is why she incorporates games, music, drawing and drama in her French classes. Annie also supervises the children who attend our daycare program. She shares her love of gardening, animals, geocaching and theatre with the children.

James Kemp
Fine Art Instructor
Fine Arts

James has brought his art expertise to the K to year 7 children at BBMS since 2013. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute, Bachelor of Arts-Psychology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and holds a Bachelor of Education Degree-Art Education from University of British Columbia. He has shown at galleries across Canada, the US and Japan. His work was featured in the 2014 International Ceramics Festival in Mino, Japan where his work was recognized with a special Judges Award. His work is held in the collection of the NY Fire House Gallery and has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu, Japan. His work was most recently recognized with a Special Merit Award at “Clay Fest IV’” in California. In addition to inspiring the children at BBMS, James teaches out of his studio in Vancouver where he instructs aspiring ceramic designers and sculptors.

Anisha Bains
Office Administrator
Anisha has filled our position as office administrator since October 2017. This is a part-time position which allows Anisha to work towards completing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University.
Joan Littleford
School Ground Supervisor
 Joan has an elementary teaching certificate from Teachers College in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she was a teacher before moving to South Delta. To allow her to stay at home with her own children, she ran a family daycare for 20 years. We are pleased to have had her on staff doing lunch hour supervision since 2012.