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Role of Teacher

In Montessori Schools the teacher is known as a directress or director. The Montessori student usually has the same teacher for three years. The directress’ or director’s role is to act as a guide towards a student’s full interaction with the curricula. This is done using a precisely prescibed method which involves creating a carefully prepared classroom or environment. The directress or director is then able to present lessons to students and allow the students to practice with material that will allow them to learn independently. Materials are self-correcting, allowing the child to learn through process rather than through focusing on outcomes.

Montessori directresses and directors are able to observe students and assist them as needed. The directress or director defines expectations for quality work and grace and courtesy in the classroom. Directresses or directors model behaviour and respectfully help students learn to become self-aware, self-monitoring, self-regulating and eventually self-determining. Through this process, the child develops an intrinsic love of learning and an internal sense of purpose. Students progress as they practice and eventually master new skills, and move ahead to the next level when they are ready.

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