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Our school operates with parent involvement. It is your responsibility to keep account of your volunteer hours as per the Parent Participation Program, and to submit this completed tally sheet before December 31 and June 1. Opportunities to sign up occur during the June Orientation and Teacher Appreciation Meeting and at the AGM. There are also tasks that must be done during the summer break (July and August). Contact your classroom representatives directly or check postings for opportunities throughout the year.

Parent participation plays a critical role in the operation of Boundary Bay Montessori School. Volunteers are required for a variety of school related tasks such as driving the students on field trips, preparing educational materials for classroom use, assisting directresses to prepare for special school celebrations, building maintenance etc. Volunteers are also needed to serve on the Board of Directors of MIND.


Also, we ask MIND members to become actively involved in our fund-raising activities. Proceeds from fund-raising are used to finance special projects at the discretion of the Board of Directors of MIND. Last, but not least, active participation in the operations of the society and the school helps parents to become more familiar with the unique educational program they have chosen for their children and the history behind it.

Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours (Elementary) or 20 hours (Preschool) of participation service for the school year. General parent participation sign-up occurs at the June and September community meetings. We have conservatively estimated that if we were to hire someone to do the tasks volunteers perform; it would cost us at least $20/hour. As part of the enrollment package, each family is asked to submit default cheques to be held in trust by the Board. If a family defaults their commitment, the cheque will be cashed. Relief of this obligation may be granted in the case of hardship at the discretion of the Board.

All volunteering families submit two default cheques, payable to M.I.N.D. For EDK/Elementary: one cheque for $400, dated for Dec. 31 and another cheque for $600, dated for June. For Preschool: one cheque for $250, dated for Dec. 31 and another cheque for $350, dated for June 1. When the hours of participation have been completed, the cheques will be destroyed. In the event that the volunteer commitment is not fulfilled, you will be billed accordingly.

An alternative option is to remit $1,000 (EDK/Elementary) or $600 (Preschool) in lieu of volunteer participation. These funds will be used to offset costs of tasks needing to be completed.

Opportunities for participation include: MIND Board, program coordinator, building and grounds maintenance, social functions, fundraising, new parent support, classroom support, community outreach, marketing, communications and advertising.

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