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Developmentally-relevant kindergarten education to instill a love of learning.

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We offer a Montessori elementary program that prepares your child for high school and beyond.

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We offer on-campus daycare and out-of-school care.

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An Emphasis on Social Emotional Development

Research in science and the humanities has concluded that building strong relationships is a primary factor that leads to the success of creating the emotional conditions that allow students to learn most effectively.  At BBMH we have a well-informed teaching team that has placed high priority on this process.  We are certified in Choice Theory, a method developed by Dr. William Glasser that is a natural fit for our Montessori environment.  Choice Theory underscores the philosophy and language of Montessori’s belief in the importance of creating a need- fulfilling environment.

We have a well-informed teaching team that places a high priority on meeting the individual needs of students.
Dr. Glasser developed his theory based on the idea that all behaviour is purposeful and that we behave to meet our basic needs.  A Montessori school is prepared in such a way as to meet individual needs.  As a result, we are able to focus our attention and energy on helping our students to develop the emotional stability in which to assess what they are feeling; what their needs are; and what choices they need to make in order to balance their needs and become a self-disciplined, effective human being.  Being balanced allows us to live compassionately, aware of the needs of others, ourselves and generous in our outlook and actions.


Our school culture is framed by the virtues and the five strategies outlined by The Virtues Project.  Each classroom takes pride in creating a culture of virtues in which we develop character and aspire to excellence.

At BBMH we focus our social development beginning with the basics of interpersonal relationships.  Learning the skills of friendship, kindness and peace-making develops our spirit of humanity.  Each month we hold school events where we pay attention to areas where we can be socially responsible, such as through helping our friends, participating in activities to help those in our school community, and looking further outward to help support the global community.