Board of Directors

Present Board of the Montessori In Delta Society elected September 2015

Executive Committee

President – Joel Grenz
Vice-President – Kim Van Der Hoek
Treasurer – Annie Cuillerier
Secretary – Erin Quinn

Directors At Large

Kenneth Haertling
Leonie Bunz
Rian Dodds
Michael Schaufele


Personnel – Kim Van Der Hoek (Chair), Pam Ferguson
Buildings/Playground – Rian Dodds (Chair)
Family Advisory (PAC) – Kirsten Schaufele
Policy – Michael Schaufele (Chair), Pam Ferguson
Strategy and Marketing – Kenneth Haertling (Chair), Erin Quinn, Joel Grenz
Fundraising – Leonie Bunz (Chair)
Finance – Annie Cuillerier (Chair)
Bursary – Annie Cuillerier (Chair), Jennifer Rosen, Kim Van Der Hoek
Volunteer – Erin Quinn (Chair)

The Montessori In Delta (MIND) Society

The School is owned and operated by the Montessori in Delta Society, with Board members elected for a 2 year term from its membership. The MIND Board meets monthly. All meetings are open for any MIND member to attend; however only Board members hold voting privileges. The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in the Fall of each year.

Members of the Board are elected for a 2 year term. The first year of Board membership provides experience in various aspects of the organization and operation of the Society and the school. The second year generally provides an opportunity to move from a Directors’ position into that of a member of the Executive.