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Montessori Students Take Manhattan

Boundary Bay Montessori School Students Participate in Model UN in New York City

Seven elementary students from Ladner’s Boundary Bay Montessori School are off to New York with over 2000 other participants from 12 countries to take part in the Montessori Model United Nations.

Throughout this four-day conference, students role-play being citizens from a country different than their own, and work in United Nations committees to discuss and attempt to resolve current world issues through negotiation and collaboration. Preparation for the conference requires detailed research about their chosen country’s culture and history, to better understand its involvement in global committees and alliances, and learn about the United Nations’ structure and diplomatic procedures. Students prepared position papers, speeches, a visual display, and a research portfolio to present at the conference.

“The preparation was challenging, but we were really well-supported and determined to get the work done” says Jamie, one of the students participating this year. “Now I’m really looking forward to meeting other Montessori kids from around the world.”

In addition to the academic preparations, the road to New York also involved fundraising efforts of various kinds. These included bake sales, bottle drives, selling stocking-stuffers and creating a gofundme page to help raise donations from friends and local Delta businesses.

This is the second time Boundary Bay Montessori School has sent students to the Model UN with the trip now becoming a bi-annual event offered to students in Grade 6 and 7.

“The Model UN offers a rich educational opportunity for learning about international issues.” says Pam Ferguson, the school’s Academic Director, “The memories, friendships and lessons learned through the preparation process and the conference itself will stay with them throughout their academic years and beyond.”

Boundary Bay Montessori School is an independent Montessori elementary school and preschool located on 72nd Street in Ladner.
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